Some Important points before selecting a Dissertation Topic

Published April 28, 2012 by janicebroad

Dissertation writing is very hard working and skilled required assignment for students, but for this student under shadow the far most important and initial issue which is the selection of dissertation topic, it sets pace and direction of your dissertation writing, many student don’t pay special attention to this issue and in the end they end up in the middle way. Before selecting a topic some key points need to address.

Interest and Conveyance: the topic you select must gain your interest at optimum level, and you should be comfortable to work on that.

Resources availability: information and resources which require conducting a research should be easily accessible, if not it will create lot of problems during your dissertation writing.

Meaningful topic: the topic you select must have a purpose or agenda, through your topic you can bring something productive and meaningful to the research world.

Relevancy: the topic you choose must be relevant to the field of your study.

Title: of the topic should be not too small or not too large so it can lose the effectiveness.

Time and Length of Research; before selecting a topic you must keep in mind the given time and length of dissertation, so it can be completed on time successfully.


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