Consumer Behavior Closer Perspective

Published April 30, 2012 by janicebroad

Consumer behavior is the study of consumer buying pattern, such as why he buy or not to buy a certain thing, why he feel or not feel the need of certain thing, how he going to purchase or not to purchase certain thing. Consumer behavior dissertation studies the psychological, sociological, and economical effects on the buying pattern of the consumers. It studies the potential factors which may effects individual or group of individual buying process. As a group it also studies the factors such as family influence, friends, society, and word of mouth to the consumer decision.

Consumer behavior studies divide consumer in three distinct roles i.e. user, payer, and buyer user is the person who use a specific product and have the experience of product directly, payer is the person who pay the cost of the product but not necessarily have the experience to use it, and in the end buyer is the person who buy on the behalf of payer in some cases buyer and payer are same. From consumer behavior point of view these three roles play a critical role in the study of the consumer behavior

Marketing may define as “To create value in the mind of the customers” means creating the need in the mind of the consumers and consumer behavior analysis start from need till the usage and start that cycling process again.


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