General Frame Work regarding Literature Review

Published May 2, 2012 by janicebroad

Literature review is the far most important part of dissertation writing; literature review can win the success for your dissertation writing. In literature review you discuss the latest development and advancement in your field of discussion or other research work done by other researchers, literature review is a tricky job because you need to read all the writing to re produce in our words to ensure its perfection and purity. The purpose of literature review is to build strong argument around your main hypotheses which support your argument to be valid.

A well constructed dissertation literature review is that which is free from writing, grammar and punctuation error, ideas and information should flow in a precise manner that it gives a meaningful meaning, give authentic and reliable references which make your work more reliable. In general literature review example is all about acquiring and summarizing the related information and critically analyzing and evaluating your views. But make sure your analysis and evaluation should be free from biasness.

The purpose of this articles is to give you a summarize view which are the points which you should keep in mind before constructing a flawless literature review.


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