Important Fact About Doctoral Dissertation

Published May 12, 2012 by janicebroad

Doctoral dissertation is required from those who wish to have doctoral degree in their field of study. The format of doctoral dissertation remains the same, if we talk about structural format of dissertation it can be divide into three general categories, namely a) topic selection, b) data collection c) Dissertation writing.

a)      Topic selection; a topic selection mainly depend on the interest level and conceptual understanding of the topic; make sure you feel comfortable and familiar with topic, before selecting a topic try to analyze all its pros and cons of the topic so in the process of dissertation there will be no surprise factor for you.

b)      Data Collection; your success in Doctoral dissertation proposal  mainly depend on the data collection and methods and techniques you use to collect that data, data and information you collect must have a reliable sources, commonly there are two types of data i.e. primary data and secondary data, you can use any or both of them according to your nature and need of the research.

Dissertation writing; after finishing all preliminary steps now you are eligible and ready to write your dissertation report make sure your writing prevails professionalism in every aspect it should be flawless and every point should be defended logically.


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