BBA Dissertation Proposal Is the Building Block Of Dissertation Process

Published May 14, 2012 by janicebroad

Dissertation writing is integral part of bachelor or master level students, without successful completion of this assignment your education journey is not complete. BBA dissertation is also integral part for those who want to achieve bachelor degree in business administration studies, dissertation writing is very much demanding job this is not something which you can afford to take lightly. BBA dissertation process start with identification of topics which is more than one just to have your option opens, having SWOT analysis to your pool of topics, which will help you to find a suitable topic for BBA dissertation.

Once you decide what your topic is next phase is the BBA dissertation proposal phase where you define the general frame work of your dissertation, where you define what methods and techniques you going to use in order to collect data and information. BBA dissertation proposal is the first report writing in the process of dissertation, after completion of this report it will be presented in front of the research conducting authorities who going judge your credential as a researcher, if they are satisfied with your ideas and topic they give you go ahead to work on that particular topic but if they don’t than you have to choose new topic along with new proposal.


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