What are some of the loopholes associated with a science dissertation?

Published July 25, 2012 by janicebroad

When writing as science dissertation students should be aware of the fact that they should take care of all the aspects that are embedded in a proposal. A proposal writing links all the aspects of research and a proposal is developed so that the instructor can accept or reject the proposal. There are certain students who are not aware of the fact that how they can initiate a proposal and what are the major aspects of proposal writing. That is the reason why several students are unable to clear a science dissertation proposal. Some of the loopholes that are associated with a science dissertation proposal are written below:

  1. Lack of research and unavailability of data.
  2. Plagiarism directly from the internet or copying from other sources to make the paper look attractive.
  3. Finally, lack of referencing can tarnish the entire paper.

All these aspects are of major concern when students are writing a science dissertation proposal.


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