What are the basics of marketing dissertation?

Published August 2, 2012 by janicebroad

Marketing dissertation as implied by the name is associated with marketing and all the aspects of marketing. Different aspects like branding, marketing management, brand management, marketing research are all embedded in marketing dissertation. The basics of marketing dissertation as implied by the name initiates from the selection of topic and once the topic is selected it would be assessed from different aspects. Like the topic should initially be checked that whether it is narrow or broad and whether it covers the basic aspects of a dissertation or not? Once the topic is framed from the student the next phase is to write the proposal through which dissertation writing takes place. Dissertation proposal discusses the core issues of marketing and it gives a pathway for the entire dissertation. Finally, the dissertation is written once the proposal and topics are approved by the instructor and students usually have to collect loads of data when they are writing dissertation because dissertation writing needs in depth study and collection of data.


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