Why students are usually worried about research methodology?

Published September 1, 2012 by janicebroad

When writing a research methodology students are usually confused and perplexed about the fact that what exactly they will write in it because they don’t have sufficient data and they don’t know how to complete the research methodology. A research methodology does not only incorporate the aspects of research but it also includes the elements that are quite predominant in research which includes the theoretical concept of research. That is the reason why utmost importance is given in this regard.  Research strategy is considered as the main objective of a research methodology and once the research strategy is framed by the researcher all the contents of the research revolved around this aspect. The limitations of research are considered as another important aspect because of the fact that it incorporates the loopholes associated with the research. All the aspects of research methodology should be properly connected with each other to generate the best possible results.


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