What is the importance of a literature review in a geography dissertation?

Published September 22, 2012 by janicebroad

The importance of geography dissertation is huge for people who are pursuing their degree in geography and they have to write dissertation as a final year project. This is considered to be a tactical issue because students are not aware about the difficulty they have to face when they have to write their dissertations. There are very few students who can easily complete the dissertations on their own and they face no issues in writing dissertation. The reality is that most of the students face immense difficulty in writing dissertations because they are not aware of the scenario that how will they start the dissertation and which sections should be include and which section should be avoided by them.

Usually all the chapters are difficult for students in the initial level but the most difficult chapter are considered to be the literature review. Literature review initially seems to be a simple chapter of a dissertation because it involves thoeratical analysis but the critical analysis aspect of this chapter makes it quite difficult and that is the reason why students usually order this chapter.

Finally, it can be said that literature review is quite important because of the fact that it sets up the tone for all the chapters and all the chapters of research should be coherent with it.


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