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What is the importance of topics in finance dissertations?

Published August 30, 2012 by janicebroad

Writing a finance dissertation is relatively a difficult task as compared to other dissertation because in depth research is involved in it. Finance dissertations are normally based on quantitative analysis and there are very few researches in which mixed research takes place that is quantitative and qualitative research. Generally, finance dissertation requires experienced writers because analyses are to be done and numerical analysis and number crunching in some of the difficult tasks associated with finance dissertations. There are certain topics that are quite commonly used in finance dissertations like derivative analysis, cash flow analysis, analysis of financial statements etc. All these topics are considered as the core topics for a finance dissertation. Specialized resources are required to fetch data from the internet and sources like emerald insight; ebsco host etc should be utilized in this regard to fetch the data for writing a finance dissertation. These topics should be utilized properly in the entire research and all the topics should be in accordance with the mainstream finance subjects.

How to Construct Quality Format of Finance Dissertation

Published May 10, 2012 by janicebroad

Finance is the most versatile and interesting subject in business administration studies which not only attracts students but also make students mind to take finance as a major subject in business administration. Finance dissertation topic is compulsory for those who wish to have finance as majors. Dissertation writing itself is very much difficult job but if you talk about finance dissertation which is evens more difficult just because of the fact that the amount of data handling and the amount of research you required to conduct your dissertation is very much high as compare to other dissertations.

The general format of finance dissertation is given below which helps you to construct your dissertation:

Introduction; is the first part where you briefly define the topic along with back ground.

Thesis Proposal; is the general frame work regarding your final report. If your proposal is accepted by the research conducting authorities only than you are allowed to work on that topic.

Literature review; is the latest and relevant work done to the topic of your discussion.

Methodology; is the section where you not only mention all the methods and techniques you use in research process but defend it with logical explanation why you use it.

Conclusion and recommendation; in the last section you conclude your findings and propose some recommendation for further research.