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Road Map Towards Successful Masters Dissertation

Published May 15, 2012 by janicebroad

Masters dissertation is the complex and skilled required job which is impossible for those who don’t have conceptual understanding of dissertation writing, for this it is important to have complete understanding of framework and requirements of dissertation writing. To understand easily we can divide Masters dissertation writing in three distinct phases, the first and most important phase is the identification of topic which is based on your conceptual understanding as well as your interest level in the topic, this phase determines your pace and direction of your dissertation writing. Second phase is the data collection in this phase you identifies reliable sources for data collection it could be primary as well as secondary source depending upon the nature and scope of dissertation. Third phase is the dissertation writing phase where you present all your ideas, data, and information in a sequence so it can give a meaningful meaning, try to explain all points logically, make sure that all the methods and techniques you used in dissertation writing you will be able to defend it successfully.