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What is the importance of referencing and how many types of referencing can be done with writing PHD dissertation?

Published September 5, 2012 by janicebroad

The importance of referencing is great because usually 15% marks are allotted to referencing. Referencing is basically referring to the sources which have been utilized in the research by the researcher. There are several types of referencing styles that are usually utilized by the researcher. Usually when writer is writing a dissertation Harvard referencing system is utilized because it is the referencing system which is utilized all over the world. Lack of referencing and in appropriate referencing can tarnish the entire PHD dissertation and if plagiarism occurs in the dissertation one of the core reasons of this can be lack of appropriate referencing. Usually more than 50 references are appropriate for a dissertation of more than 5000 words. These references are divided into several chapters and usually literature review constitutes the maximum number of referencing. Besides that there are certain other chapters too that compromises a certain amount of referencing.